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Will G. Louden™ Letters, Events & Accolades

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Arkansas Union Governing Board Member Letter 29
Emerging Leaders Graduate, Sylvia Scott U of A Award Presenter 30
University of Arkansas Student Ambassador Scholarship Award 31
Yocum Hall Senate Support for Alpha Phi Alpha Banquet Magazine 32
1995 ACUI "I-Lead" Award & National Conference Invitation 33
Joseph Dempsey Resident Assistant Recommendation Letter 39
Lyle Gohn Appointment to Judicial Review Committee 40
1995 U of A Resident Assistant Leadership Class 46
Personal Administrator  Evaluation Invitation for Suzan Gordon 47
Beta Rubicon Open House Invitation (Ron Goforth, President) 48
Letter from Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce President 49
Award Letter from Bernard Brennan, Chairman Montgomery Ward 51
1st Ever Stock Certificate in VGIS (formally, Virtual GraphX, Inc.) 52
Cover of 1st Ever VGIS Stockholders Report (1998) 53
J Frank Broyles Approval for™ Project 54
Governor Mike Huckabee Campaign Contribution Letter 56
University of Arkansas, University Programs Sponsorship Letter 57
Warick Sabin, President Associated Student Government Letter 58
Lexington's Who’s Who Among Executives & Professionals 59
Invitation to Northern Trust Bank, Sammy Thompson Keynote 60
Northwest Arkansas Times Trends Article Invitation 61
Prominent Attorney, Willie Gary DC Party Invitation 62